Automated Number Plate Recognition

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SNIPRs Automated Number plate Recognition System (ANPR) records number plates


The information can be used to get ahead of crime and criminal syndicates and ultimately prevent crime


SNIPR connects to over 140 databases of suspicious vehicles in real- time including law enforcement.

About Us

SNIPR is one of Southern Africa’s leading innovative electronic security solutions providers, we seek to make a massive dent in the crime statistics in the country, we have combined years of research and development fuelled by a deep sense of professional pride and determination to work towards our vision of a safer South Africa for all.




We at SNIPR believe that reliability is a key factor when selecting a security system , human lives and property can only optimally be protected by robust and sophisticated security systems designed for specific applications thus our reason for hand selecting and vetting the world class brands of products that comply with stringent adherence and performance used to work with our systems.


SNIPR uses ANPR (Automatic Number Plate Recognition) technology to recognize number plates and cross reference this across our global database of suspicious vehicles which includes our subscription to the law enforcement sought after vehicles  . This technology relies on strategically placed cameras in places like neighborhoods, complexes, shopping malls, airport car parks, banks, casinos etc.





We at SNIPR are committed to developing innovative concepts that maximize technology to unify intelligence and security systems while making our solutions even more accessible and simple for users. As part of our research and development efforts, we look to extend the ways we serve and deliver solutions to customers through new technologies, like our smartphone application which has massive prospects for expansion. Our north star or key goal is to have security professionals directing their efforts to boost operational efficiencies with having peace of mind knowing they can rely on our intelligent reliable systems.



Our company's success has everything to do with our ethics, values, and people. From day one, our team's ideas and opinions flowed freely, innovation and leadership were equally rewarded, and our passion for constantly delivering stellar innovative solutions which thrives through team-work.




The directors of  SNIPR have an incredibly strong technical background.

Grant Hancock (Managing Director) is an Electrical Engineer, as well as having experience driving Product Development through Product Management, Project Management and Solutions Deployment both in South Africa and in the UK.


Jeremy Malherbe (Technical Director) is also an Electrical Engineer, and has over 25 years of programming experience. He has driven large-scale projects all over the world. All of these projects involved large scale enterprise Content Management Systems integrating with enterprise databases and large amounts of data. These projects used business intelligence to streamline the user’s process. Jeremy currently heads and oversees our team of developers driving innovation and scale.




They both spent time living and working abroad and upon returning to South Africa, Grant ran a business deploying high-end Security and Access Control Technologies into commercial, industrial and residential markets. It was this experience that drove him to take state of the art technology and get the most out of it.

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Bellevue Campus, Block C, Kloof, 3640, South Africa

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